In the wake of sibling heartbreak, the producer and songwriter WALKER crafts a transportive new and first single, “Tommy”.

An anthemic musical escape valve and treat for fans of emotionally infused electronic music, beautifully written and produced with a reverence for a classic house groove.

As WALKER embarks on an exciting creative chapter his first single flips dance music’s singularity into a warm embrace with true originality. An accomplished and emotionally potent release for both the head and the heart, the name and song’s origin story is a painful recounting of the near-death of his twin in a motorcycle accident.

With a broken back, pelvis, four ribs, significant nerve damage to their right arm and an invisible brain injury, Tommy was lucky to have survived. Through life-saving rehab and psychiatry treatment, Tommy’s physical and mental strength regained. Today they thrive, serving as the single’s namesake and origin story.

“Not sure what I would have done if you’d have died that night My other half. I promise to say I love you more and only make wild and precious memories with you. I’ll be here with you until the end. I’ll never forget how close I came to losing my Tommy. This one’s for you.

Distinctly brave and intimate “Tommy’s” spoken word and refined upbeat drums interact respectfully while at other times we see angelic harmonies take the spotlight all with impressive peaks of euphoria and release.

WALKERS first musical statement sets aside melancholy, doubling down on the raw memories yet is bursting with uplifting glee. We see a lovingly crafted piece of dance music with its unique seams happily showing. An expression of what electronic music can be when we combine the potent and poignant and a hint of an exciting artist with a deep musical career.