The long time Brazilian DJ and producer Quizzik shows a new side of him through the moniker “Lost Tapes of 88”, a synthwave project which will debut via 6 Plusten Records on March 22nd with the single called ‘Testarossa’, an ode to 80s games like Accolade’s Test Drive, where the player blazes through arid landscapes, familiar scenarios to part of the artist’s childhood in Tucson, Arizona. To promote the single, Brazilian filmmaker and visual effects artist Rodrigo Senna was commissioned to create a 2 minute visual expression of those memories. The upcoming album will be released on April 5th.

  1. Testarossa [5’41”]

Artist: Lost Tapes of 88
Title: Testarossa
Label: 6 Plusten Records
Format: Digital
Catalogue #: 6PLSTN006
Single Release date: Mar 22nd, 2024
Genre: outrun, synthwave, electro, retrowave
RIYL: Kavinsky, Timecop1983, Le Cassette

Album Release
‘Lost Tapes of 88’ is a synthwave side-project of Quizzik, a long time Brazilian producer and DJ usually related to IDM and electro. This new moniker focuses on rewinding to his childhood memories in Arizona back in the 80s, recollecting TV shows, movies, cars, cartoons and games from that era, not only in a nostalgic way, but expanding that retrofuture feel through a contemporary perspective with a bit of a dystopian twist.

This self-titled 8-track album – which takes reference from Akira to Cold War espionage, from BMX rides in the woods to supercars ripping through roads in the desert, cyber security and a broken heart – will be released via 6 Plusten Records on April 5th. The single “Testarossa” will premiere on March 22nd with a mini video created by Brazilian filmmaker and visual effects artist Rodrigo Senna.

Lost Tapes of 88 – Lost Tapes of 88 [6 Plusten Records] – Album release date: April 5th.

  1. Intro [1’17”]
  2. Neo Tokyo [4’12”]
  3. Double Dare [5’24”]
  4. Testarossa [5’41”]
  5. KGB [5’26”]
  6. Heartbreak [6’06”]
  7. Coders [5’11”]
  8. Trapped in a Flashback [4’38”]

Artist: Lost Tapes of 88
Title: Lost Tapes of 88
Label: 6 Plusten Records
Format: Digital
Catalogue #: 6PLSTN007
Album Release date: Apr 5th, 2024
Genre: synthwave, electro, outrun, retrowave
RIYL: Com Truise, Kavinsky, Kyle Dixon, Le Cassette, Timecop1983

Artist Bio
Cris Quizzik is a Brazilian producer and DJ dedicated to experimental electronic music, electro and soundtrack composing, who started his electronic music journey in 2002 by being selected for the Red Bull Music Academy, a celebrated platform that discovered experimental artists such as Hudson Mohawke, Dorian Concept and Flying Lotus. Quizzik has also been part of the indie dance duo DeltaFoxx, which had recognition by media outputs like Les Inrockuptibles (FR) and Dancing Astronaut for its tracks and remixes released on Electronic Rumors (UK), Epidemic House Music (SWE), Brazilian Disco Club via THUMP/VICE and Crunchy Music (BR). Since 2021 he returned to his electro and IDM roots, releasing remixes for ^L_ and Meduna and four original tracks via Brazilian label 6 Plusten Records, which were supported by radio shows such as the Austrian FM4 La Boum De Luxe and Manchester´s Reform Radio Lift Music program, channels like HATELab, Tracklistings and respected IDM oriented media Igloo Magazine. In 2024 Cris unleashes his 3 year maturation synthwave moniker called Lost Tapes of 88.