Label: Apparel Music
Cat #: APDEXTRA041
Format: digital
Genre: Deep House / Lo-fi
Single Release Date: 5-4-2024

Get ready to embark on a sonic journey as we unveil this anticipated three-track digital record, „Shelford Treehouse,“ by the talented producer Milan93. Scheduled for release on the 5th of April 2024, this EP promises to captivate your senses with a blend of modern House music that is as elegant as it is groovy. Lucas Feigenbaum, the musical mastermind behind the moniker Milan93, hails from Brooklyn, with a passion for crafting sophisticated and infectious House beats. Apparel Music is delighted to host his debut EP on its catalogues, being“Shelford Treehouse“ a testament to his artistic prowess and diverse musical influences. Milan93 called the record „Shelford Treehouse“ as it was produced almost entirely while staying with his girlfriend Georgie (the inspiration behind the track „Georgie Gets Jazzy“) at her family’s home in Great Shelford (UK), which had a treehouse in the backyard. The treehouse had windchimes hanging from it, which he recorded with the phone and can be listened in the intro of „Nelson’s String”, track titled after one of the house cats, Nelson, who loved playing with a small string toy. Lucas was incredibly inspired by the serene environment of Great Shelford and the company, which included the two cats Nelson and Teddy. The influence that this peaceful and placid experience had on the production of the EP is reflected in the sweetness and elegance with which he crafted each sound and arrangement. The single „Teddy’s Dream” (Bonus Track) drops on the 22nd of March 2024. This bonus track, with its distinct cover, serves as a prelude to the EP, offering a taste of the sonic richness that Milan93 has in store. The true essence of the EP lies in the mystery of the other two tracks, „Nelson’s String“ and „Georgie Gets Jazzy,“ which will be revealed only on the official release date, the 5th of April 2024. „Shelford Treehouse“ embodies the spirit of modern house music, pushing boundaries and creating a sound that is both contemporary and timeless. Lucas‘ collaboration with Apparel Music is a proof of the label’s dedication to finding new talents and offering them the right platform to express their skills. As we eagerly await the arrival of „Shelford Treehouse,“ mark your calendars for the 5th of April 2024, when Milan93 invites you to experience his very personal brand of sonic experience. The bonus track „Teddy’s Dream“ on the 22nd of March serves as the perfect prelude to what promises to be a groundbreaking EP