Label: Masala Movement
Cat: MM002
Format: Digital
Release Date: 08.03.2024

Non Solo are back with a brand new two tracker “Yaman EP” Yaman is an evening raga, which is usually performed at the first quarter of the night hence the track is more dancefloor compatible and to be played at the last quarter of the night. Folk s a variation of Bhatiyali / Bengali folk songs being sung by the boatmen going downstream of the river. Bhati is a region in current Bangladesh and Bhat also means the Ebb.

The Feel

Yaman: Yaman, the eternal muse of romantics, has been the inspiration for love songs through the ages. This track artfully builds energy, immersing you in the mood of a romantic evening unfolding. One can feel the anticipation as it fills you with excitement about what may happen next!

Folk: Folk, a captivating flute rendition, draws inspiration from Bhatiyali and Bengali folk songs sung by river boatmen. The beats and flute melodies delve deep into the realms of longing, allowing listeners to reminisce about moments that transpired and those that could have been.

Non solo is first in its kind to bring the melodious depth inspired by the raga traditions to the exhilarating rhythmic world of deep house and electronica.

Available now in your favourite digital stores with an exquisite typographic artwork by Shantanu Suman in collaboration with Masala Movement’s Manoj Kurian!