Label: Nie Wieder Schlafen Records
Cat: NWS038
Format: Digital + Streaming
Genre: Electronica, Melodic Techno
Release Date: 2024-03-04

„Rolling basslines, expansive atmospheres, relentless kick rhythms, hypnotic textures, and enigmatic melodic narratives that experimentally yet steadfastly sway through the grooves. It’s not just the title of this monumental EP from Peru-based Luis León and his
compatriot Unseener that elicits an uncommon sensation. Thoroughly technoid, yet consistently emotional, this entire release, comprising a total of 6 tracks, defies easy categorization.

Their creativity traverses various facets of electronic soundscapes, his present approach striving to transcend the prevailing norms of the dance scene while remaining true to the essence of the sound. The journey through the EP is underpinned by frontal techno percussions,with the kick rhythms striking the listener in swift and relentless
succession. A wintry foundation, ultimately borne aloft by rooted atmospheres that infuse intricate emotions, lends a discerning sophistication to the release. Profound personal introspection and the courage to lay bare the uncharted territories are clear effects manifest in each track, offering a glimpse into Luis & Unseener’s exploration of new sonic dimensions.

The music unequivocally transcends the overt purpose of dance music, inviting the listener into deeper realms of the sonic tapestry, where it can achieve far more than merely setting hips in perpetual motion to eternal grooves.“