Label: Just Begun Records
Cat: JUBE003
Format: Digital and Cassette Tapes (+ T-Shirt and Fanzine as merch into bandcamp bundles)
Genre: House / Boogie / Broken Beat / Disco / Electro-Funk
Release Date: 05.04.2024

On the Belgian imprint’s third release, Just Begun bring together some of the country’s finest talents in a dazzling display of razor sharp rhythms, soaring melodies and infectious groovin’ atmospheres…..

Just Begun, the brainchild of producer and DJ John Parm, began (to pardon the pun) life with John’s EP „End Of The Line“ and then the track „Hurry“ followed, which helped to set the precursor for what would follow next. This new VA release, aptly titled ‘A Journey into Belgian Modern Grooves’ brings together a veritable who’s who of the Belgium dance music scene, which has received many plaudits in recent times for its array of genre pushing, melodically dexterous and rhythmically on-point music makers. A chapter point if it could be said, an accumulation of all that has come before in recent times, a celebration of the fabulous work being done throughout the land which has left a long lasting mark on the wider contemporary electronic music landscape. Covering genres such as House, Broken Beat, Nu-Boogie, Disco and pretty much everything inbetween, there’s a lot of ground to cover – but this VA leaves no stone unturned, and the listener is all the better for it.

So, what waits in store if you decide to press play? the record contains 15 tracks, and when split into thirds it reads rather nicely indeed. The opening cut, ‘Rain Dollarz’ by Aemone, paints the scene very softly indeed, with repeating guitar licks interlaced with subtle vocal samples and driving, expressive drums. Rosie from the Block builds on the energy with her cut ‘In Your Room’, that pairs thrilling synth work with spacious, involving rhythms. ‘Atlantic Rollers Mix Out’ by Billy Palmier slides into view next, and draws into focus the rear view mirror, when cruising in the twilight – smooth as you like. Mambele then hits heavy with ‘Le Repondeur’, which carves itself on the mountainside with superb rhythm lines and delightful, elegant synth work. Forbidden Fruit contributes with his cut ‘What To Do’, which shifts focus into boogie town – the groove is now firmly on.

‘DaYouth’ comes next from Krewcial, with the last impression from this cut being the delightful synth work, the stabs doing much to get the heart racing. JTOTHEC is up next with ‘I Must Be Out of My Mind’, which has a proton-disc feel to it, with textured vocals driving up over a slamming electro feeling rhythm and melodic section. Toolate Groove come next with ‘Away 4 A While’, which lands the listener firmly in the 90s with its laid back, firmly textured groove and harmonious feel. Loveni comes next with ‘Gangsta Forever’, which really works hard to fit in as much as it can in 3 minutes – and pulls it off expertly, a really enjoyable cut this one. Papa Pinot gets things a bit twisted on ‘Hic’, which has an aspiring acid line which pulls perspective all over the place alongside some wondrous rhythms and atmospheric synths.

Into the business end of the record, Senga slides into view with ‘Collected Work’, that remains deftly subtle, with every aspect of it feeling soft and warm to the touch. ‘Phoreva’ by Boiler Roux lands next, and this one rolls on and on and on, with repeating sequences pulling the listener along on a crescendo of all kinds of feels. Dtekt is up next with ‘Like We used to Do It’, and this track contains all you need to get deep into the zone – thoughtful, introspective, and all that. ‘Do What I Do’ by Toolbox then crops up, and this one serves, sways and grooooooves – the keys here are something else. Finally, to wrap things up, we have the man himself, John Parm, with his track ‘My Drum Machine’, which features Nancy Khadra, and this one is pure joy, pure and simple – and a fitting end to a record full of twists and turns, sonic fulfilment and audial nourishment…

So, here it is, the Just Begun family all gathered around the table. Beaming, happy and full of life and love, waiting to present a beautiful collection of tracks that represent the best of them, their musical journeys, their shared and individual narratives. Just Begun couldn’t be more thrilled to present this collection of works, the first of many more to come – so why not press play, and dive into the best of the best from Belgium….

The launch party will be on March 14th at „La Vallée“ in Brussels with almost the whole artists of the compilation on stage for a giant back to back all night long.