Label: Dub Black
Cat #: DBB003
Format: vinyl + digital
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Vinyl Release Date: 12-4-2024

The black spiral, the purest emblem of the Italian imprint, invites curious listeners, thirsty for new sounds to place themselves at its center as when the cyclone comes, the safest place to be is right at its core. As Dubblack aims at the objective of consistently offering a physical product, the third release in its shadowy catalogue, entrusted to Flux By Uchiha (Tommaso Centanni) and his five-track record ‘Abell 400’, are available both digitally and on vinyl. A striking transparent 12’’ dubplate in an exceptionally limited issue of 25 copies, out from the 12th of April 2024. DBB003 marks the debut of the young Italian DJ/Producer on Dubblack. His skilled Deep rhythmic orientation, together with an innate capability of implementing Acid reverberations and a passion for blending sounds coming from the Middle-East together with the most coveted European avant-garde ones, certainly are some uncommonly dazzling aspects of his ultra-modern musical persona. It’s truly complex to pin down the musical genre of this record. We could throw around terms like Ambient, Experimental, Dub, but the sonic reality is way more intricate and undefined. In one word, diverse. Vittorio Valigi is in charge of the layout and design, always crucial and meticulously handled by the label. He neatly epitomises the musical imagery generated by the record. Behind this record lies a universe, a narrative. More than a universe, in this case, Flux by Uchiha narrates through his music a cluster of galaxies, Abell 400, located in the constellation of Cetus (the Whale), 326,000,000 million light-years from Earth. In the myriad of galaxies it encompasses there is NGC1128, which hosts the binary system of supermassive black holes 3C75, which emits constant signals of radio waves immersed in the vastness of a blue cloud made of plasma, typical of the galaxy cluster. 3C75 are drawn to each other, dancing an inexorable dance of death, moving in a spiral towards their own fusion to collide in millions of years… As DUBBLACK’s spiral keeps on swinging around with its vehement experimentations, you’ve gotta savour and enjoy the ride in the “here and now”, as it’s happening.