urban spree

20.07.2013 / 21:00 / Urban Spree /

13€ before 00:00 or 10€ after

–•——- UNREAL ——-•–

—• TOM ASS •— UnReal
—• XORZYZT •— UnReal

–•—– SAMEHEADS —–•–

—• ANDY VOTEL •— Finders Keepers Records
—• INFINITE LIVEZ *LIVE* •— Big Dada —• 10pm
—• EMIL DOESN’T DRIVE •— The Zone / Sameheads
—• FRANZ UNDERWEAR •— Slow Motion / Sameheads
—• dsb •— Sameheads

„In celebration of the launch of unreal-life.com and the 7th birthday of Sameheads, on July 20th, together they conjure up one of the mightiest line-ups of the summer. Representing the UnReaL path is the two-headed demon Light Asylum and the viral wizard Pictureplane. Backed by the UnReal inner circle of BlackBlackGold, Xorzyzt and Tom Ass, this floor will make you question your most basic sense of reality.

The Sameheads current will be spearheaded by Finders Keepers Jukebox Juggernaut Andy Votel, as well as dark ninja Infinite Livez. The reinforcement will be handled by Sameheads veterans Emil Doesn’t Drive, Franz Underwear and dsb. This is a concert and party where you can choose to attend both or one or the other. Put on your best psychick armor and come transcend with us.“

* DOORS 9pm. First performers taking to the stage shortly thereafter. There will be food trucks and bbq’s. A concert starting at 11pm sharp. A 2 floor dance party directly after. Through the night, and back out into the day. A birthday bash and inauguration locked in an intimate embrace *