Cosmic Kaspar
Brunnenstr. 197-198, 10119 Berlin


Edward Ean
Kurtis van Liebling

The remarkable combination of massive house beats and magical melodies is his unique trademark. Wondering who is this guy? It is none other than Edwarn Ean. For many years his biggest inspiration came from his adopted home, Berlin. He released his desired debut EP “Taktikfuchs” in the summer of 2011. After a short time he continued by releasing together with Nadim Abdel Hady the EP “Sugarhill” under the aspiring Swiss label “Miteinander Musik” and archived a big success. It followed his EP “Pole Down” under the Berlin label “Symbiont Music”. Furthermore, he released more Tracks under the label “Vanliebling Recordings”, as well as many remixes. In live shows, Edward proves his skill in many sessions by supplying the party people with finest houses tunes and “technodic” sounds. He is considered as a routiner in his field. Since touring through whole Germany and European neighbor countries, he is well known outside Berlin. The DJ and Producer, Edward Ean intends not be associated with one music style only and is therefore very much focused in his own future projects. His tracks stand out, due to its saturated base complimented with matured deep beats. This transcendence between techno and deep house creates an individuating innovating style. Everybody, who likes house will love Edward’s music. Edward, formerly known as “Berlin insider tipp” is planning already his next coup: for sure in Edward style. Tonight he´s behind the decks with his labelboss „Kurtis van Liebling“!