Drone -Tekno Industrial Injection.

Wiesenweg 5, 10365 Berlin

Drone’s engine and its gears are been fed with new sonic findings and the result is once again a combination of the most corrosive dark techno, hardtek, rhythmic noise and experimental sounds we could possibly combine together: disturbed frequencies are been narrowly sewed by the fresh add of more sonic Pioneers; scratches are back, straight at your ears and toward your heart directly.

Its powered. And loaded. On a plugged, epilectic sound treatment.

In each room- we’ll do You a double Injection.

Entrance: 8 euro
Doors open at midnight.

Under Konstruktion (London/Noctambular Records)
Lou Knopf (Metaphore)
Diagenetic Origin (Sonic Groove)

Nekrobot (Sabbat)
Armando Alibrandi (Supersimmetria)
A/Ona (Drone)
Mad Alba (Homopatik)