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Tape Or Die – Birthday Bash! live: Fat Tonies & Der Feind @ Cortina Bob 7.2.2014


In the tradition of the „Drunk’n’Roll Birthday Bash“, this year will see the first TAPE OR DIE BIRTHDAY BASH!

Cortina Bob Berlin
Wiener Str. 34, 10999 Berlin

Live on Stage:
FAT Tonies (Oi! the new breed from nuremberg, sausage city! Tape Release Party!) and
Der Feind (your favorite war dogs from newcologne!)

Aftershow with DJ MyKill EroticDevices/Eastie Ro!s)!

The first guests will get some booze for free (…Tunisian speciality! we brought it from our latest holidays just for YOU!) and we will have two liquors a bit cheaper at the bar (not this mexicaner/pfeffi-mainstream-stuff). Entry fee won’t be too expensive! We’re still planning something very special for our ULTRA-LOYAL customers. Never forget: SHARING MEANS CARING! So share this event, invite your friends and let’s have a hell of a party!

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