In the tradition of the „Drunk’n’Roll Birthday Bash“, this year will see the first TAPE OR DIE BIRTHDAY BASH!

Cortina Bob Berlin
Wiener Str. 34, 10999 Berlin

Live on Stage:
FAT Tonies (Oi! the new breed from nuremberg, sausage city! Tape Release Party!) and
Der Feind (your favorite war dogs from newcologne!)

Aftershow with DJ MyKill EroticDevices/Eastie Ro!s)!

The first guests will get some booze for free (…Tunisian speciality! we brought it from our latest holidays just for YOU!) and we will have two liquors a bit cheaper at the bar (not this mexicaner/pfeffi-mainstream-stuff). Entry fee won’t be too expensive! We’re still planning something very special for our ULTRA-LOYAL customers. Never forget: SHARING MEANS CARING! So share this event, invite your friends and let’s have a hell of a party!

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