We are happy to invite you to the second edition of our music video awards! The screening will start at 6:30pm and we will show 23 music videos in 2 blocks with a pause in between, where we get some dj’s to play for a bit. After the screening we kick off Boddinale with an opening party featuring KYNN!
+ there will be some videos shown out of competiotion as a surprise!

here is a list of videos:

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Devil mountain / Your death still haunts me
Yes..PinkPink – aka the sft tch part One
Daniele Faraotti Band – Phantastischerpark
Suns of Thyme – Blue Phoenix Tree
The Motivator – Zen
kynn – enter the crypt tonight
Superskin – Descent
Střed Světa – Oranžově Letem Dokorán
Somnoroase Pasarele – 18_01
Rico Repotente – Everybody Dies Alone
Marzipan Marzipan – I’m not afraid of tigers
Psycho & Plastic – Matekater
GODMOTHER – These Things Take Time
Lightning Glove – Call it a start
Susan Hefner – Glee Club
Fenster – Oh Canyon
Alcoholic Faith Mission – Legacy Fice
tzii – foolish skin
Jim Hickey – Everything
Alexander Geist – A Woman’s Right To Choose
Berglind Ágústdóttir – Showering in dunes of you
Space Love – Etenral Sunshine
brace/choir – the satisfier

After/Opening Party feat.:
DJ Shlucht (diy church)
Michael Aniser DJ Set

Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin