Aerobic mit Mike Dehnert, Red Robin, Open Air at Kosmonaut

1 August 2014
23:59 – 12:00

Wiesenweg 1-4; Friedrichshain; 10365 Berlin

Kosetn: 8 Euro


Mike Dehnert
Red Robin
Dirt Crew *Break 3000*
Kalipo (live)
Michael Lasch

Steve Bone

Oh ja wir lieben Techno. Und deshalb haben wir uns für den August einen ganz besonderen Lieblings Kandidaten. Uns wird Mike Dehnert beehren und unsere Hotbox zum beben bringen.

Mike Dehnert

Since 2007, Berlin native Mike Dehnert has run raw techno label Fachwerk. The imprint’s mission is simple: to release his own take on raw, floor techno. And so he has done, on 15 different occasions, earning both the label and the artist behind it the respect of in-the-know, serious techno fans the world over. Dehnert’s own productions (often informed by his grubby, dub infused and textured live and dj techno sets at institutions like Berghain and Tresor) have also been unleashed on the world via other respected imprints including Clone Basement Series, Echochord Colour and Deeply Rooted House. The culminations of Dehnert’s musical experiences so far are laid out for all to see on his unashamedly dancefloor first artist album, Framework on Delsin Records. It is a self proclaimed “collection of tracks“ on long running and high quality label, Delsin, and continues in Dehnert’s traditional vein of crafting engaging electronic music imbued with a range of moods and emotions.