Von 16. Januar um 20:00 bis 19. Januar um 06:00

Sonnenallee 221, 12059 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

Following on from the overwhelming success of the Magic Waves Summer Festival staged early July of this year, we bring you the Magic Waves Winter Festival. The festival aims to celebrate the recent revival of interest in italo and early electronic disco sounds established during the late 70’s and early 80’s, and since developed by a new wave of creatively dynamic contemporary electronic music pioneers. Spanning 62 hours of non-stop music, guests will be treated to a showcase seldom experienced in Berlin. A vintage-future musical spectrum of electronic legends and rising stars. Highlights include an extremely rare live appearence by Canadian dark synthpop pioneers Psyche, cuts from the sublime recently released Brassica album, serious vintage pedigree in the shape of Italo Connection, the Hague’s electro-disco master Mr. Pauli, and the strobe soaked energy of a not to be missed Ivan Smagghe set.


Psyche *Live – Ivan Smagghe – Mr. Pauli *Live – Brassica *Live –
Italo Connection *Live – Albion – Mr Velcro Fasterner *Live –
Mark Du Mosch – Electrick Dragon *Live – Kid Machine *Live –
Starion *Live – Alessandro Adriani – Gatto Fritto – Kruton –
Fabrizio Mammarella – Man Power – Rodion – Paramida –
Motorcycle Boy *Live – Iron Blu – Casionova – Franz Underwear –
De Dupe – Phuong Dan – Emil Doesn’t Drive – Bill Ambrose –
Spacelex – Agency Amore *Live – Mick Rolfe/Last Waltz –
Jax Dax *Live – Skism – dsb – Body Mechanic –
Roland Baader – Naks – Dirty Disco