Von 16. Januar um 21:00 bis 17. Januar um 06:00

Loophole Berlin
Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlin

For the CTM Festival Vorspiel 2015 MUSÉ presents LANGUAGES OF LOVE (Sprachen der Liebe), a transdisciplinary ‘exhibition party’ exploring how we express our love… May it be for our self, for others, or for life. The showcase includes works from both the digital and analogue world, with a special focus on the longing for the physical, the palpable, which seems to grow increasingly in the emotional landscape of the Digital Age. Manifesting our love is an important process in the assimilation of past experiences as well as the materialization of our dreams and desires. LANGUAGES OF LOVE thus celebrates love declarations of all kinds, and is simultaneously an appeal to reflect upon why someone/something is so important to us – and then dare to share it.

Now is the time. Time to love, time to muse.

MUSÉ is a Berlin-based collective that coalesces art and events into a rainbow of love, while building a community and providing a platform for enlightening transdisciplinary work.


••• Aaron Zöllner (poetry)
••• Cecília Erisman (interactive project)
••• Charlotte J Ward (video)
••• Danilo Sepulveda (performance)
••• Debbie Davies (video / photography)
••• Halea Isabelle Kala (video / photography)
••• Litekultur (installation / sculpture)
••• Nikolay Nedev (installation / sculpture)
••• Thomas Ward (video)
••• Valère Martin-Roland (sound)

••• Patrick Fudge
••• Valère
••• Walker [Käse Kool]