Fr. 27.02. | Keinemusik

Nic Fanciulli (Saved Records)
Catz N‘ Dogz (Pets Recordings)
Re.You (mobilee records)
Edition Terranova (Kompakt Records)
Till Von Sein (SUOL)

Adam Port (Keinemusik)
&ME (Keinemusik)
Rampa (Keinemusik)
David Mayer (Keinemusik)
Reznik (Keinemusik)

You might remember…we’ve had Keinemusik play twice in the pool before. Great memorable nights, and their performance pushed STATTBAD’s capacity to its limits. In light of this, this year’s inaugural Keinemusik roster is split between the pool and the boiler floor. Not get stuck in a Groundhog Day-like routine, the guys came up with their „Hand in Hand“ concept. This means: for the first time ever, every Keinemusik DJ will play a back-to-back set with an artist of his choosing. Essentially, it’ll be a gathering between friends; those they have met and worked with along the way. And a notable line-up definitely worth mentioning: Nic Fanciulli, Catz ’N Dogz, Till von Sein, Re.You and Terranova. And of course, guests can expect the usual suspects: Adam Port, Rampa, &ME, David Mayer and Reznik. This night is destined to be very, very special. Mark your calendars!