Von 12. Juni um 13:00 bis 14. Juni um 13:00

Fort Gorgast
Fort Gorgast Haus 3, 15328 Gorgast, Brandenburg, Germany

Tannenbaum does it again: 48 hours of camping in the wild with lot’s of music, frogs, birds, freaks, tannen- and other trees and lots more, all in and/ or around an amazing fortress near the Polish border. Enjoy vegan and non ­vegan foods, Belgian and non ­Belgian beers and drinks, a geile line up of live music on two outdoor stages, continuous DJ sets, dancing all night and music all day. Come and set up your tents from Friday 13:00 onwards.


Ticket sale addresses:
O Tannenbaum (Sonnenallee 27, NK)

Line Up

Live Dance:

Unit Moebius (Bunker / Clone)
Heatsick (PAN)
Crossculture (Zaun Records)
Mattlack (Kasablanka)
Comberti (Kasablanka)

Live Music:

Beatrice Dillon (Where to Now / Trilogy Tapes)
Shitcluster (Bunker)
Wizard Ashdod
Paul Arambula
Rob Gordon
Blue Stork (Das Andere Selbst)
Tav Exotic (Bear Bones, Lay Low, Weird Dust)
Prince Heka (Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir)
The Wieners
Flamingo Creatures
Los Retrasados

Eclectic DJ’s (Eclectic DJ’s (Dub, Disco, Wave, Afro-beats, World, Experimental, Hip Hop, Soul, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s Now etc etc )

Oscar der Winzige (Sucked Orange)
Mr.Monday (Tropical Disco)
DJ Squeaky (Tannenbaum)
Orinoco Flow (Novo Line / Berlin Community Radio)
Menqui en Kool Mr DJ ((Non Dogma, Planet Plasing)
Giorgio Gabber ( Das Andere Selbst)
Dj Schleppscheisse

House/Techno/Bass DJ’s

DJ Your Body (Dyssembler)
Jerome (Tannenbaum Peacock)
DJ O.M.A (Tannenbaum)
Sonofdistantearth (Lobster Theremin)
MFK (Analogue Mutations)
Morton Wholesome (N.M.O.)
Pato (N.M.O)
Words (Cheap Acid / Futurisms)

June 12-14, 2015
Festival starts at 16h00. The grounds will open at 13h00
End: Sunday at noon

Das Große Tannenbaum Waldfest takes place at the amazing Fort Gorgast, a redundant military facility that was built from 1883 till 1889 to protect the western bank of the Oder river.

How to get there:

By train:

From berlin the train to the festival is leaving from Berlin-Lichtenberg to Gorgast Bahnhof (not Gorgast Dorf). There is a direct train leaving to the festival every second hour. There is also an indirect train (one transfer) leaving every other second hour. Both have their advantages. The direct one is faster, but the the indirect one more empty. You can use this train-routeplanner. https://fahrinfo.vbb.de/bin/query.exe/dn.
The last train to the festival leaves Berlin-Lichtenberg at 21:37

By car:

See Google Maps. Post on Facebook if you want to catch a ride.


There are 350 tickets in total.
Tickets cost 32,50 euros:
Ticket sale addresses:

O Tannenbaum (Sonnenallee 27, NK)
Sameheads (Richardstraße 10, NK)
Bartleby & Co. (Boppstraße 2, Kreuzberg)
Le Petit Mignon / Staalplaat (Kienitzer Straße 108, NK)

Eat up, Samurai Spoon and the O Tannenbaum Catering Crew will keep you from going hungry.

Bring a tent. Space is limited: approximately 250 tents. Toilets and sinks are available for refreshening. Don’t forget your flashlight, sunscreen and anti-tick spray.