Mittwoch um 20:00

Schönhauser Allee 9, 10119 Berlin

We are proud to invite you to the 3rd Shalom Salon’s monthly event, showcasing new and inspiring piano dance music. This sonic experience is bringing back the oldest instrument in modern European music to the dance halls and clubs of the world. The Piano * Bass * Drum nights are an outlet for creative minds, both in the fields of electronic and classical music, as well as a place for experimental modern piano technologies, and real-time composition. This month, we welcome two more highly-respected trailblazers in the this unique genre of piano/electronic hybrid:

♫ Metaboman & Large M
♫ Schloss Mirabell

Oliver Goldt about Metaboman:

At first there was hip-hop. Metaboman wanted to rap and that he did. In his easy and loose manner with the Feindrehstar founding member to which he belongs. Coming up from the rear was house and techno. He took his MPC under arm and together with him back from whence he came. From the back to the front he came “up on’em” and that was in 2002. Musik Krause was born.

Metaboman angles further in the direction of his debut album (2013) of course brought to life on Musik Krause. As a live project with the Feindrehstar compadre Lars Mäurer he in the direction of the next step between stage and club over hand-operated electronic tools and wood and sonic processing machines. A running and unconventional beauty develops in his sound. The groove and the bass are deep, the tracks are crispy and elastic at the same time and everything smells like wood. It’s music. Music for the mind and body.

„Schloss Mirabell“ (Cello, Piano and Ambient Electronica)

Florina Speth, born 1983 in the mountains near Salzburg, started playing the cello and piano at the age of 6 and began studying music at the “University Mozarteum Salzburg” when she was just 11. She won several prices playing solo and string quartett ensembles, was part of orchestras like Bayerisches Landesjugend Orchestra and Salzburger Junge Philarmonie all over Europe. Always keenly interested in contemporary music, she was part of performing ensembles in lots of world premieres. After finishing school and her cello education she studied cognitive musicology, linguistics and music therapy


8:30-9PM – Schloss Mirabell (Florina Speth) Ambient Electronic Set
9-10PM – Metaboman & Large M

COVER: 10€

Piano Bass Drum is a PLATOON NETWORK event, promoting piano club music. the aim is to explore the possibilities of dance music for a new age – we believe in live music, and the power of performance.