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DJ & Producer Andy Weisbrods first contact with electronic dance music was late in the 20th century. Techno and House took ahold of him quickly and it was soon running through his veins. He spent the next 10 years getting to know electronic dance, performing live at various club-gigs throughout the city and finding his own sound. As his love for the art intensified, his music progressed and Andy took to the recording studio to begin work on his productions. His first release was with „Garagerecords“ at the end of 2012. The Berlin-native pours soul into his sound. The result is beat-driven dance music with crisp snares and incisive HiHats layered on a bed of mountain range Bass. Andy navigates his beat using a smooth blend of (1960s) american swing melody and (1980s) hip-hop rhythm. When performing on-stage, ANDYs live percussion lift his sets to another level-offering his audiences an embodying live experience. At the beginning of 2014, Andy signed with Berlin Label WHO ELSE MUSIC (and has been busy keeping the residents of Berlin dancing all summer at various open-air festivals and club-gigs). His next production is due to be released in Autumn 2014, including his first international release with „Matter of Fact“ (Bucharest).