Mint ist nicht nur eine stinknormale Bookingplattform, sondern tut was für die Frauen im DJ Business. Ziel ist es, die Sichtbarkeit von weiblichen DJs und Acts zu verbessern. Neben der Mint Klubnacht, die monatlich in Berlin stattfindet, gibts auch immer Workshops rund um das Produzieren und Auflegen von House und Techno. Gegründet wurde diese coole Nummer von Zoe Rasch und Ena Lind.

Am Samstag startet die erste Party für 2017 im Blänk mit Electric Indigo, Mieko Suzuki, La Fraicheur, Ady Toledano.


Mint welcomes the new year with a line up of inspirational house and techno talent.

Viennese techno DJ, composer and founder of female:pressure, Electric Indigo represents an intelligent and distinguished interpretation of electronic music. Touring internationally for more than 20 years, her DJ-sets are characterised by variety, vision and a depth. Joining her on the MDF floor is fellow female:pressure representative Mieko Suzuki who cut her teeth on the Tokyo techno and house scene in 1998. Mieko’s DJ sets are an interactive world of sound, focused around colour, warmth and emotion that often include selected film excerpts and recorded voices. Another widely traveled dj, producer and musical director, she’s performed in more than 15 countries worldwide. Rounding out the room, Mint co-founder Ena Lind will step up once more with an all new narrative in Detroit and Chicago flavoured house and techno.

In the Lobby Mint resident La Fraicheur will be playing her high energy house. Always on the move, we catch her between South American tours and fresh off of the release of the “Rosée” EP, a tech infused house cut on Argentinian based label Ninefont. Plus we welcome Israeli DJ and producer Ady Toledano, a mainstay on the Berlin circuit, he spins a collection of deep, melodic and occasionally acidic records at many our favourite parties in this city.