Celebration: A Night Into Underground Connections

La Roboterie & Drastic Beat crew – 10th Anniversary


2 Rooms
Chill Area

Start H 23:59 End H 09:00

Der Weisse Hase, Revalerstr. 99, Berlin.

An exclusive night to celebrate two of the most famous Italian techno crews. Drastic Beat built its story around and inside the alternative and undergound movement, promoting independent musical productions and throwing amazing parties all across Italy and beyond. LaRoboterie born in a queer environment and push the techno and free party experience in a no-gender and no-boundaries zone. Together they have been lucky enough to share experiences and unforgettable moments during an entire decade, spreading their love through music everywhere. After ten years, this June, they celebrate their anniversary together with their usual attitude to turn every celebration in a unique occasion to get together with their amazing family of beautiful creatures, weirdos, queers, freaks and punks. On Friday, the 16th of June, at Der Weiße Hase.

Line up:

Aerea Negrot (BPitch Control)
Jeff23 (SP23)
Produkkt (Citizen Records / Space Factory Rec.)
Bin Okin & Felix José (Klangkost)
St.RoboT (LaRoboterie)
Suit Kei ( GoldenGate Berlin / Drastic Beat / Witches Are Back)
2FARO (G day)
Backdrifter (LaRoboterie)
Freakout (Drastic Beat)
Alek-T (LaRoboterie)

Live Visual Art: Design Hardkore & Kody AKA Reaper (Drastic Beat)