Label. Jazz-O-Tech
Artist. Flat Maze
Title. Dick Dunker EP
Format. Digital
Cat.Number. JOT003
Release Date. late July 2018
Distribution. LANDR

The Berlin based duo Flat Maze embodies the essence of the concept of Techno-Jazz.
Their mix between the instrumental solos of jazz piano talent Uri Gincel and the deep techno
grooves of producer Stefano Mori, results in an innovative signature sound which perfectly ts the
artistic manifesto of label Jazz-o-Tech.
The title track „Dick Dunker“ is a smooth blend betweeen the inspiring jazz harmonizations and
the dance rhythms that create a perfect combination of sounds, t for both radio programs and
dance clubs. Similarly „Room 111“ and „Vollnarkose“ are two powerful statements of Flat Maze
vision where the har- monies and solos of Uri‘s piano ll the abstract spaces created by Stefano‘s
synths and drum machines.
Flat Maze duo featured also in „White Gardenia vol 1“, the rst vinyl EP released by Jazz-o-Tech
that has been supported by: Rai Radio 3 (IT), Jet Set Tokyo (JP), Avopolis Music Network (GR),
Studio Brussel (BS), 808 Radio (SP), Radio Krimi (FR).
Born in Tel-Aviv, jazz pianist Uri Gincel came to Berlin in 2009 and quickly became one of the
most in demand piano players on the scene, Uri toured the world with many projects, including
„Uri Gincel Trio” and “Bonaparte”.
Only in the last couple of years Uri started working with electronic music, and has recorded and
preformed with Bruno Pronsato and the electronic duo “Tyoma“, combinating their art with important
collaborations like Matthew Herbert.
Stefano Mori is an italian music producer, visual artist and live performer based in Berlin. With
his solo project, Stefano also known as Elephant Kodex, released under the independent German
Label Fucksklang record and play around Berlin with different dj collectives (Mechatronica, Drei
Groschen Disko).
Jazz-o-Tech‘s is a new record label based between Berlin and Milan.
The label‘s signature style is an elegant combination of improvisation, acoustic “live” sounds and
electronic music grooves mixed between jazz and techno music, promoting experimentation and
eliminating bound- aries between two forms of avant-garde, electronic music and Jazz.