Label: Apparel Music
Format: 7inch
Genre: Nu Disco – Deep house – Broken Beat – Piano Hardcore
Release Date: 13-05-2024

Apparel Wax’s 7inches vinyl series continues with a release focused on new, exciting sounds. APLMINI003 is composed, as usual, of two tracks, one per side. Side A kicks off with a nu-disco track, in which the solos of a wild sax and a loopy guitar riff takes the listener by the hand until the very last second. Side B, however, shows the more experimental part of APLWAX’s soul, with a beat that seems nostalgic of the 90s/00s UK sounds, a broken beat and a decidedly more pressing rhythm, which recalls D&B influences, British-style Electronica. The possibility of combining tracks with different styles on the same record represents a sonic challenge, but APLWAX has always been accustomed to combining different musical currents, keeping the fresh and happy soul of its brand clear. Everything is represented by the new, elegant graphic design of APLWAXMINI, in which even the smallest details and small changes fill the record’s release with anticipation. APLWAXMINI003 is coming.