Artist: Majestoluxe
Title: Septic Shock LP
Label: Kess Kill
Catnr: KESS10
Format: 12″ LP
Release: March 2019

Active in the late 1980’s Swedish EBM-scene in bands like Sound Manufacturers, clubs like Piz Off and labels like Osmium, Stockholm based producer Conny Fornbäck reappears after a 30+ year hiatus. This time in the incarnation of Majestoluxe.

On the debut album Septic Shock, Majestoluxe presents nine EBM-tinged experimental industrial pop songs inspired by an actual near death experience. Fully produced on an analogue Eurorack modular system, Septic Shock should appeal to fans of the sounds of the late 70’s UK, the early german 80’s, the mid Belgian 80’s, or last night in Sweden.