1. März 2019

Wir freuen uns das italienische Worldbeat Orchester Riserva Moac als ersten Gast unser Spreeboogie Reihe zurück am Spreeufer zu begrüßen. Ihnen gebührend, haben wir uns entschieden den Abend zu einer kompletten Nacht zu machen und ein paar lokale Perlen hinzuzufügen. Neben den berliner Plattenherren Cup of Jazz, Parole Emil, Dubelgänger, The Soulvendor und Held vieler YAAM Abende Käpt’n Mido, freuen wir uns ganz besonders das Liveprojekt aus dem Hause Serendubity Acid Dub Foundation, bestehend aus Selecta Dubelgänger und Bläser Dubby Dé, sowie erstmalig Vokalist und MC Baptiste, zum ersten Mal im YAAM zu begrüßen.

Zwei Floors, ein Geschichte. Eine Nacht voll Tanz, Schweiß, Ekstase und Groove. Spreeuferblues trifft Spreeuferboogie !

::: LIVE ::::
Riserva Moac (Make A Dream / Italy)
Acid Dub Foundation (Serendubity) ft. Baptiste ( Moonshine Recordings / 4´20 Sound)

::: DJ :::
Cup of Jazz
Parole Emil
Käpt’n Mido
The Soulvendor

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If you blend rock with world music, etno instruments with global beat, electro with accordion… you would find yourself into the “glocal” mood of the Riserva Moac. A village in which meeting, mixing and exchanging ideas is the norm; where true wealth is Humanity. In 15 years of “experience”, Riserva Moac totalized a great number of concerts in Italy and Europe, an impressive amount of achievements as well as its constant presence in a variety of Italian and foreign compilations.

The ADF is back with a refreshingly original, sweet, hot & dirty psychedelic dub affair called into creation by 4 musical activists based out of Berlin, Germany. As founding Members Likkle Fergusson and Malko are focusing on other projects at the moment, this time Selecta Dubelgänger who provides a unique soundtrack, and the uplifting horns of Dubby Dé will be joined and enhanced by the catchy vocals of Baptiste for the first time (Moonshine Recordings / 4´20 Sound), with no shortage of effects and live dubbing!

This diverse blend can be described as futuristic yet organic: at the same time uplifting and earthbound, driving yet relaxing. Combining elements of dub, roots and bass, with a pinch of African rhythms and funk, the trio has succeeded in creating a highly original musical fusion, celebrating the diversity of modern and classic dub-influenced bass music!

Their digital debut, „Intro-Dubtion“, takes you on a 75-minute musical journey, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready for whatever the world may throw your way.