Wo? Burg Schnabel
Wann? 15.11.19 23Uhr
Wieviel? 13€/VVK

Wir verlosen 2×2 Listenplätze und passend zum Release 2 Vinyls!
Schreibt uns einfach eine Mail mit dem Betreff „Jean Yann“ an redaktion@theclubmap.com. 

Fellow Ducklings,
The time has come, for us to celebrate with you our 10th release:
JYR010 alias „4 Year Anniversary“, this #vinyl ONLY episode has been made possible thanks to the hard work of Daniel Jaeger, Fabian Vieregge, Tantra and Philippe AUTUORI…

For this very special occasion we will hold-up the Burg Schnabel, opening both floors and hosting none other than:

◉ Smash TV (Get Physical | Moon Harbour)
◉ Daniel Jaeger (Criminal Bassline | Bordel Des Arts | Katermukke)
◉ Mad Shivers (Jean Yann)
◉ Philippe Autuori (Poker Flat | Jean Yann)
◉ Fabian Vieregge (Geistzeit | Cinematique)
◉ Floxyd (Jean Yann)
◉ Phteven (Maune)
◉ ANouch (Shikki Mikki | Jean Yann)
◉ Dagan aka Sunset (Jean Yann)
◉ Max Faudee (Jean Yann)

In Jean Yann we trust.

Ducklingly yours