A name synonymous with laying the foundations of France’s electronic music scene, along with being regarded as one of its seminal characters, Alan Braxe today releases his first EP in six years.


‘The Ascent’ not only marks Braxe’s return, but also the relaunch of his own pioneering label, ‘Vulture Music’.

Embracing Paris’ underground nightclub scene, Alan Braxe formed a creative partnership with Thomas Bangalter that began officially with ‘Vertigo’; Braxe’s first single, released via Bangalter’s ‘Roulé’ imprint in 1997 went on to define the one-off alliance that produced the mainstream cultural phenomenon ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ as Stardust.

Subtlety yet confidently declarative and comprising of four new productions, Braxe’s new EP’s pure and focused aim is to rebuild the interaction between musician and instrument.

Produced entirely using studio hardware that deepens in authenticity, a Buchla modular synth forms the bold centerpiece of Braxe’s latest musical intuitiveness. At a time where distraction is ever constant Braxe settles for the simplistic; with no computer used in the process, a mixer, delay unit and sampler are all vital elements for Alan in 2019.

“The new EP aims to explore the concept of ‘less is more’. I believe that this concept is quite relevant in today’s consuming world. This process is nothing new, as countless musicians have implemented it for decades but in my case, I find this approach to be the best way to be creative and to regain the instinctive interaction between musician and instrument. Containing quiet drum-less tracks and electro-inspired beats, ‘The Ascent’ is my latest EP and will be followed by more music in 2020” – Alan Braxe

With the four tracks encompassing elements of ambient sounds and electro influences all pursued by glowing synths ‘The Ascent’ EP follows Braxe’s ‘Moments In Time’ EP, released in 2013 via Scion Audio/Visual.

Alan Braxe ‘The Ascent’ is available now on Vulture Music