Release Date – August 11 2020

Release Track list:
1. Aradia
2. Lilith

Rising up for only their second outing – Electricity Is Humming release a stunning 2 tracker for defmain. Their sound is acute and urgent, a combination almost manic synthwork with a throbbing groove. Aradia provides the peak time energy and siren call for the dancefloor that juxtaposed by Liliths more patient and menacing progression. An astute and on point EP that shows this is only just the beginning for Electricity Is Humming. Out in August on defmain():.

Artist Quote: „Aradia is my second release as Electricity Is Humming. It is inspired by witchcraft myths and stories. Catalyzing all my energy to create a throbbing beat and hypnotic vibe invoking witchcraft rituals.“