01. The Modern Ideology
02. A Special Kind Of Red
03. Are You Experienced
04. The Cosmopolitan
05. The Midnight Special
06. Casa Da Musica
07. Twilight In The World Of Tomorrow
08. Nocturnal Moves
09. With


The concept behind the „Every Dog Has Its Day“ project is about all the +/- measuring one does in his or her life. „As Is“ is used as the narrative that runs through the tracks that started the project back in 2000 (Volume 1) and remains to this day with Volume 9 and all the forthcoming releases.

Considered as electronic „folk music“ that leans towards Jazz arrangements at times, it is unique in the fact that projects a certain sense of intimacy and speaks to the one, rather than the many.

The Modern Ideology
This track was based on the idea and notion that everything that is considered “Modern” is recent in its existence. For instance, a child would be a modern version of an adult. The meaning of modern is predicated on the idea that time runs in one direction.

One For The Special Kind
This was dedicated for those who’ve always felt that they never fitted into society. It refers to those who see, hear and feel things differently.

Are You Experienced
Title taken from the album “Are You Experienced” and inspired from listening to the Jimi Hendrix Experience albums, I was trying to translate what I heard between what Hendrix, the bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell were communicating. Even exploring the idea to add a drum solo.

The Cosmopolitan
When I moved and lived in NYC back in the early 1990s, one of the first things I noticed when I met people that were from my hometown, Detroit was that they had all taken on a slightly different personality that I assumed was caused by being in such a different urban environment.

The Midnight Special
In America in the 1970s, there used to be a late night TV program that played live performances from artists and bands. It was called “The Midnight Special”. Created by Burt Sugarman and presented by singer Helen Reddy, the show was something of must-see program if you were interested in popular music at the time. Though the show ended in 1981, I remember seeing The Doobie Brothers, a young Prince, Sly And The Family Stone, and many others for the first time

Casa Da Musica
This track is dedicated to architecture and the music venue hall in Oporto Portugal. This is where I debut and recorded the classical/electronic “Planets” album and have had many concerts including Tomorrow Comes The Harvest with the late-great Tony Allen. The track is about the spirit of the room, but also the unique architecture in the northern city.

Twilight In The World Of Tomorrow
This track is titled based squarely on how it sounds. With the complexities that we expect in the future, yet the track fumbles along until we find reasoning in its manner and order. Sometimes sounding more like a distant church chime than music, the repeated melody eventually becomes more of a persistent command than musical rhythm.

Nocturnal Moves
The purpose of this track is rather unique and one I’ve never tried before. What I tried to do was to give the listener a melody of piano chords and bassline, but then add another slightly off piano in the tuning I was trying to hum the chord with my voice as I played it. It never quite fit but I ended up recording what I was hearing between the two variations.

Axis Records Identification melody. I created this back in the 1990s and have used it for films and special projects ever since. It finalizes all Every Dog Has Its Day volumes.

Jeff Mills