« Fuego en casa » is an electronic label based in Brussels (Belgium), devoted to electronic music, sound design and a/v shows. Its second releases is the debut EP by Madrid 79 : 6 cuts of acid / electro mastered by Pedro Vinuela at Nexo 101 Mastering.

A soundtrack about a day in an imaginary city called Madrid in 1979 where kids took Opel Kaddetts to drive by in neighbourhoods like Ciudad Lineal/Ventas/San Blas. A science fiction version of the town where people listened to acid electro as well as music by flamenco rock artists of the Cano Roto Sound. And where the city and its inhabitants ressembled the comics in Metal Hurlant magazine.

The record is split between a Dawn and an Evening Side.

« Acid Dawn » is the soundtrack where the city starts waking up and the kids go back to their working class neighbourhood in their cars after a night driving around the city centre. A good « Acid breakfast » in the bars of the neighbourhood with a black « Acid Coffee ».

« Aciday » starts. The parents have to go to their work in the factories around the city and the kids wander in the around to find adventures and opportunities. They go to car repair joints, to parks…more and more houses are built in the background. There are promises of a more modern city but opportunities are not always real. Listening to electro music makes a lot of a difference and gets you out. The day is a melancholic one as dreams did not materialise. Time for an « Electro Dinner » and take the cars again at sunset to visit other parts of the city to continue dreaming.