Earlier this year, Orson Wouters, more widely known as Transistorcake, brought us on an inebriating sonic booze cruise with his ‘Cocktail’ EP on Eskimo Recordings. Luring us to his cocktail-making utopia, this synth-packed record tickled the palette with bold beats and entrancing melodies. Keeping up the momentum is New York-born and Berlin-based DJ and producer Curses here to present us with 3 juicy edits of the records’ most flavoursome tracks. Blending new wave and post-punk with hints of guitar, EBM, and new beat, the renowned Curses sound has brought attitude and edginess to everything he touches since the successful release of his debut album ‘Romantic Fiction’ on Jennifer Cardini’s Dischi Autunno imprint in 2018.

„There is such a strong element of improvisational chemistry in these songs, and I wanted to keep that hypnotic energy, and respect the live instrumentation,“ explains Curses. “Just by adding some subtle details and arrangement changes it really accentuates the warmth in the body, and gives these tracks some added heavy jelly when played on a louder system.“

The delectable ‘Cocktail OP. 2’ indulged us with quenching liquid tones and flourishing synth crescendos. The Curses edit adds a dash of spunky kicking drums, undisruptive of the original meandering elements that give the track its intoxicating qualities.

Curses compliments the bold and twangy melody of ‘Grenadine’ with extra layers of percussions to help us navigate the drunken soundscape, packing in tons of flavour reminiscent of the gusto a splash of grenadine brings to your tongue.
‘Pina’ stands out from the crowd with its uplifting marching beat and exuberant penetrative melody. Curses’ edit of the track ups the momentum with wistful hi-hats and a magnetising twist on the original melody, playing with tensions and enticing our minds further into inebriated amnesia.

Curses picked the perfect tracks from Transistorcake’s ‘Cocktail’ EP to showcase his sweet tooth for punk basslines, melting his own sound palette in with the integrity of the original mixes to guide this drunken odyssey into new exhilarating territories.

The Curses edit of Transistorcake’s ‚Grenadine‘ is out now on Eskimo Recordings, and the edits of ‘Cocktail OP. 2’ and ‘Pina’ will be out on October 30th 2020!