The Signature of the Elements

DE/COMPOSITION – Solo Exhibition by Carlos Herraiz

SomoS presents a selection of large-scale process-based abstract paintings made by Spanish artist Carlos Herraiz at SomoS Art House in Berlin during an extended 2020 artist residency.

WHAT: DE/COMPOSITION – Solo painting exhibition by Carlos Herraiz

WHEN: June 1st-12th, 2021, Tuesday – Saturday, 14 – 19 U

Entry free, RSVP requested on

WHERE: SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.0G, 10967 Berlin (U8 – Schönleinstraße)

ARTIST: Carlos Herraiz (ES)

Between June 1st – 12th 2021, SomoS presents the solo exhibition De/Composition with mixed-media paintings by resident artist, painter and photographer Carlos Herraiz (Spain).

Complementing or replacing the hand of the artist with the signature of the elements, Herraiz invites chance by exposing his works to the forces of nature for extended periods of time; for instance, by leaving them in the sun, or immersed in the sea, or by burying them, showing how the elements have intervened in the developing image.

Deeply fascinated with the aesthetic and philosophical aspects of aging and decay, Herraiz states: ”Like observing a fruit in decomposition, I am interested in the biological process of how something changes, grows, and degenerates, changing form and color and then disappearing. How something tangible becomes dust, void, silence, memory, a stain, a trace that memory leaves behind.”

Herraiz’s contemplative work process resulted in a poetically charged group of paintings that explore creation, growth, and dissolution on an aesthetic and philosophical level.

About Carlos Herraiz:
Carlos Herraiz is a Spanish painter and photographer, born in Barcelona in 1995, known for his large-scale abstract paintings. The son and grandson of artists, Herraiz naturally became drawn to art in childhood, and often spent time drawing with his father, or in school. Between 2013-2019 he studied Painting, Drawing and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art, the Barcelona Academy of Art, and the Leith School of Art. He has held three solo exhibitions in Barcelona, and participated in group exhibitions in Glasgow, Barcelona, and Edinburgh. He has received the Spoon Prize at the Leith School of Art, and was nominated for the Richard Ford Award.