Release Title: – TON 618 – Crab EP

TON 618 prepares a stellar outing for SYNTHEKE records galactic sublabel M87 Records. This experimental soundscape is inspired by and evokes the concepts of some of the most distant objects known to man.

Combining three original tracks which take you on a journey through a system far far away, with the more club ready Techno backing from Riccardo Noè’s heavy Space Is The Place Remix.

With this collection the artist has kept to a simple purpose, and a simple production method. Bringing the sounds of the stars right down to earth.

Label Name: – M87 records (SYNTHEKE records sublabel)

Release Date: – Friday, September 3 2021

Track Listing:

1. SN 1987A
2. Crab
3. 3C 273
4. Crab (Riccardo Noè Space Is The Place Remix)

Record Sounds Like: Sound From Space, score music, Abstract, Concrete, IDM, Techno

Artist Quote – „TON 618 debut EP, Crab, mark a new step in the world of global electronic music scene.
Using samples from some of the most distant objects in the universe, from Crab pulsar to 1987A supernova and 3C 273 quasar, mark his unique style in the scene.

This is the fartherst music you will hear in 2021, in addition to being the first release from SYNTHEKE records sublabel M87.

All tracks written & produced by TON 618 with Ableton 10 & Logic X. No external plug ins, no external machines.
only sound from space & internal instruments.“

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