Label Name: – Berlin Bass Collective
Release Date: – Monday, September 20 2021

Track Listing:

Offshore Accounts

Record Sounds Like: Sweaty 80s dance party in a hot Berlin basement, synth-heavy Italo vibes. Perfect for mixing into 80s synth-heavy sets featuring Lauer or Senior Chugger.

Berlin Bass Collective brings the Italo heat with their latest release from Kolegos. Kolegos is a collaboration between BBC regular Mountak and Genys. A heavy three-tracker featuring the vocal talents of Matas, originals all ready to rip the dancefloor in half.

BBC fires the starting pistol on an HI NRG end to summer 2021, and boy don’t we all need it. Out 20th September.

Artist Quote – „“Matas singing on Offshore Accounts with those beautiful synths is everything“ – everyone who hears Offshore Accounts“