Impérieux’s new EP on Sum Over Histories takes inspiration from the fantastical and the profound to create a selection of mesmerising and eclectic electronica that transports, transforms and inspires. 

The title track opens with a woman’s voice in a Turkish dialect spoken in the artist’s hometown. The vocal samples are taken from Impérieux’s mother, a nod to his heritage and to the ongoing culture shock that comes with leaving home. The track starts slow and subdued with a lo-fi house beat and signature synths, expanding in texture with hi-hats and robotic vocals. The essence of the production matches the unfathomable and intangible nature of dreams, and recreates a sense of surrealism through discombobulated voices and rewinds. This serves to uproot the listener from reality and transport us to a place where time and space no longer exist.

The lo-fi theme continues with Kolorama, a diligent, stripped back track full of hushed hi-hats and clapping snares. A male vocalist ties it all together with sultry lyrics, adding a feeling of longing and further expanding the sense of intangible profundity. Volti E Fantasmi acts as an injection of adrenaline, with a 4:4 beat and vibrant synths that demand attention. With this track the artist cements his reputation as one of the most versatile producers around, expertly interweaving wood elements and cow bells to create an unforgettable and totally unique dark house anthem.

Breaking A Cycle is the final track of the EP and acts as a fitting end to a triumphant release. It’s an urgent house track, neck-deep in ethereal synths and frequencies so varied they’ll make your head spin. Impérieux is at his best when breaking boundaries and exploring the most unexpected and unthinkable elements of electronic music.

Born in Bulgaria, Impérieux made his Sum Over Histories debut in 2019 with his outstanding track Mehmed. Since then, the artist and label have continued to collaborate and flourish with a synergy so special there’s no end to the creative possibilities. Impérieux’s artistic abilities are both rare and unique; not only does he have something to say, he’s able to find the perfect way to say it. Impérieux: I Dreamed Of You Last Night, Twice is out (digital) on Sum Over Histories today – January 28th – with the vinyl release to follow soon.

ABOUT SUM OVER HISTORIES: Sum Over Histories is a label for the conscious listener – ‘contemporary electronic music made for closed-eyed dancers.’ – founded and run by Frankey & Sandrino. Driven by a passion for electronic dance music in all its forms, the label creates space for multi-instrumentalists and producers to explore their inner selves, creating introverted narratives that encourage profound listening for our minds, not just beats and rhythms for our bodies.