Releasedate: 02.02.2022

Jean Yann Records presents RaKeMaTa, Tantra’s latest rocketship of an EP. It’s been nearly a year since the Indonesian duo from Jakarta released tracks on the label and it has been worth the wait! Trust us when we write that Houston, we DO NOT have a problem here. The 4 pieces which make this episode are straight-forward dancefloor infernos, which will put your body in a trance and force your mind into outer space. That’s one small release for man, one giant banger for mankind.

A1: Rahu
Firing this episode is Rahu, a track meaning “Neptune” in Sanskrit, which finds all its meaning in the power behind the baselines and the distortions that build it. At the crossroads between techno, electro and trance Rahu is clearly dancefloor inspired yet club, warehouse or bunker suited. It’s a lot of bass to handle but just enough to let the astronaut inside you embrace the vast nothingness of space around.

A2: Ketu
Propelling us to another planet is Ketu which means “Pluto” in Sanskrit. Deep, mind-controlling and psychedelic, this second track just keeps our rocket rocking. The elliptical and infinite specificity of the base, paired with single yet singular synths are truly hypnotic. To add to the fuel there is a subtle yet space worm-like melody that makes Ketu a particularly unique tune, sending us to the far reaches of our solar system.

B1: Madhu
Traveling through time and space, Madhu takes our spaceship to the frontier between the physical, the philosophical and the metaphysical worlds. Meaning “Honey” in Sanskrit, Madhu has several other meanings, yet this track is more than just sweet. The track is also about the oppressive break which makes up for most of the 6 minutes-long elixir, ending in a precipice of a drop. Serious and deep vocals, maxed-out distortions and up-tempo kicks build up to a huge drop that sends the listener into oblivion.

B2: Tasu
Closing this wonderful EP is Tasu, a deeper, calmer yet at least as mesmerizing track. Having propelled the listener into space by now RaKeMaTa closes on a gentle and full of introspection tune which will make you cry, smile, laugh, tremble but most of all dream! In Sanskrit “Tasu, is the sound below the hearing threshold (having lesser loudness, believed to be heard only by mystics).” Landing our space shuttle back on earth, bringing the listener back to reality, the steady synths and bouncy baselines of the track smoothly embrace the precise kicks, releasing us from this alien trip around our own imagination.