Releasedate: 06.05.2022

Nocow is back on BPitch with a multi-faceted EP full of rousing energy and scintillating sonics. Across four delightful cuts he explores a range of moods and styles, all equipped with the power to move the dance floor, physically and emotionally.

‘Noski’ has a Detroit ‘jit’ kinda vibe to it, with its clipped hip hop samples and repetitive claps. Though the atmosphere evokes an air of mystery, with an unnerving riff.

This is followed by ‘Pose’, a gnarly juggernaut of a track featuring a pulsating b-line and breathless vocal clips, which add a human element. Retro synths lines take us back a couple of decades, adding an energising layer of dance floor nourishment.

Then we have ‘Space 1999’, which, as the title suggests, evokes a very cosmic feel… slightly reminiscent of Jeff Mills. Nocow’s musicianship really shines through on this cut, with expertly balanced light and dark elements creating an immersive atmosphere.

Finally, the title track, ‘Youth’, invites us to bounce around in the playground for a while. A mesmerising riff enchants the mind, while the beats tantalise the body. With the addition of soothing pads, this one is bound to invoke a multitude of out of body experiences…