On his fourth solo release through Berlin experimental label ANTIME, ^L_ resurges with a strong and versatile three-track EP called after his first name, »LUIS«. Following his last two praised EPs – The SKULL and Eyes of The Old Man – this new piece is as personal and subjective as its title suggests. As it progresses, it’s focus deepens into the darker realms of his inner self, digging down in a raw path between fear and courage. HOWL OVERDRIVE is an amalgam of dirty breakbeats, horror movie lines, electro laser beams and an obscure didgeridoo, which scream out his instinctive and savage side. LONER, on the other hand, jumps into his futuristic self while shows old school knowledge by referencing EBM and acid techno with its alternating basslines and choices of sound. DAMAGED CITIZEN finishes the record by mixing the best of his two worlds, tribal percussions representing his gut feelings and industrial beat elements functioning like clockwork, as one’s life sways amidst everyday automated duties and emotional experiences.

The concept behind Luis Fernando’s recent creation is about depicting an ordinary person’s life, modeled after standard mottos of our contemporary society, where we wake up, pay our taxes, go to work, spend a fortune on gadgets, come back home, watch tv series, sleep and start all over the next day. The artwork of this release, a self-portrait painted by Fernando, shows his view on how life can be hard and threatening, but also unique and beautiful if you have a sense of humor.

produced by Luis Fernando
Painting by Luis Fernando