Releasedate: 06.05.2022

Berlin based and operated, yet Paris bred and raised, Jean Yann Records is an
independent music label focused on house, tech-house and techno music.

ANouch is back and she’s got three smoking hot tracks ready to be delivered! JYR023
– Firefly is a well cut, straight to the point and very much exquisite EP. For her first EP,
ANouch did not hold back and has crafted three very distinctive electronic tracks. Housy and
yet downtempo, techy and yet melodic, electronic and yet poetic, “Soul Riots”, “Firefly” and
“Fairy Bucht” are a true pleasure for the heart and soul.

1 – Firefly
The first title on this EP is “Firefly”, the more mischievous of the three. With this track,
ANouch captures the listener and sends him or her into a dream world, full of fantasies,
desires and passions. Inspired by the early stages of a relationship, with all the emotions,
passions and desires that describe this so-called honeymoon phase; “Firefly” knows no
genre, it is an Electronica track with a house background, a melodic piece with a kinky vocal
but most of all deep-house earworm with a catchy synth.

2 – Soul Riot
Second up is “Soul Riots”, the most Electronica track of the three. All the elements in this
track are both surprising and satisfying: the beat, the drums, the groove, the vocals, they just
all feel at the right place. This track is about life, about the ups and downs one faces, the
twists and turns our journeys take and how we strive to see the light. Sometimes this piece
feels like a Moby track from the early 2000’s, sometimes it feels like something even better
than that, a track straight out of one of your best memories, a track from the heart, from the
mind, from the body and fine for the soul.

3 – Fairy Bucht
The last piece of the EP is “Fairy Bucht”, the clubbier of the three. It’s in the name, “Bucht”
aka the “Rummels Bucht” a sadly closed down Berlin club, which inspired ANouch for this
track. The “Bucht” was famously known for its marathon dances, ‘secret’ location and good
vibes! Smartly engineered, this track blends several genres and sounds, creating a genre of
its own. With Deep-house notes, a Progressive-minimal build-up and an Africa-house-like
rhythm, “Fairy Bucht” is truly hypnotical.