23-26 Sep. 2022 > 16:00 – 20:00

ABACILAR (Levant Disco)
AVA Irandoost (Katermukke)
Alma Linda (Lotenheim | CLUBcultureALL)
Eliyo (Kanto Records)
Emin Gok LIVE (Kanto Records)
Elif (Stil vor Talent)
Elfenberg (Stil Vor Talent)
Esther Silex (Kater Blau)
Franca (Kater Blau)
GiZ (Stil Vor Talent)
Hogir LIVE (Percussion Act)
Kalaha Moon LIVE (Levant Disco)
Mad Hattress (OG Overground Music)
Mïra Vana (Station Endlos)
Mâi (1) LIVE (Levant Disco | Kanto Records)
Mimi Love (Kater Blau)
Oceanvs Orientalis LIVE (Kanto Records | Bar 25 | Kindisch)
Shahrokh Dini (Compost Records)
Shepherd (Circles & Stones | Katzengold)
Toto Chiavetta (Borders Of Light)
Urubu Marinka (Voodoohop)
Yami (OG Overground Music)
Zigan Aldi (True Colors | HumanByDefault | 3000Grad)

When Fred Flintstone hit the hammer a place was created in the Neolithic period and it has been journeying through the passage of times. Ever since, the castle became a place for traveling spirits, lovers, and arts of all types. The 21st-century Levantines took their respective roles to build a reliable space for self-expression through music, trades, workshops, and together with the connoisseurs of all walks of life, with respect to engage in a historic, futuristic sonic voyage with their kinds. That shall be concluded to boot, an inner journey into the creative realms of the unknown crafts.

This 23rd of September, history will be brought into life. Doors will be opened for culture, for community, for entertainment and the arts… a bridge will be laid between the future, the present and the past. Levant Castle will breathe new life to fresh opportunities with new connections, diverse creatures, lavish flaunts, alongside places to retreat and spaces for exchanges and charms. From 5d sound installations to meditations, lavish dinners, ballroom performances to engaging visuals, mappings, futuristic lasers and lights, where creators of all types, wizards of oz and the witches of the seven hearts will seize together celebrating the past, present and creating the subsequent times. 13 centuries later standing the test of times, you’re invited to a timeless and delicious sonic journey. A space where a rational utopia is to be found, way back from the 8th century, a gift to our present times.


  • From Leipzig Hbf

1 hour by car to the festival
1,5 hours by public transportation to Kirchscheidungen Station

  • Shuttle Service from Kirchschiedungen Station

There will be shuttles available Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 15:30 – 23:30 that pick you up from the train station and bring you directly to the festival.

Please have your tickets printed and prepared for the shuttle service to confirm your purchase.


  • Fire Space
  • Work Shops
  • Massages
  • Sauna
  • Art Installations
  • Performances
  • Camping spaces
  • Food (Incl. Vegan & Vegetarian)
  • Beverages
  • Huge Dorm Rooms (Mattresses Available, but BYOB Bring Your Own Blankets. Optional: Hotel Bookings – Please Check Website)
  • Sanitation
  • Parking (Cars & Camper Vans)
    … available on location