Label Name: – outofprint recordings

Release Date: – Friday, December 23 2022

Track Listing:

  1. Mistaken Identity 4:54
  2. Incarnate 6:25
  3. Hide & Seeker 6:36
  4. No Wear 5:47

Record Sounds Like: 2010’s Northern Bassline, 90’s Garage house, breakbeat hardcore, NY warehouse re-recorded on Tape.

This latest release is due December 23, 2022 from T. Nguyen touches on the mode of seeking, identity, and the inner make-up of the world within us. In 2019, the writing of these vignettes started to grasp various geographical locations from the north of England interplaying with 130 + bpm drive, and deep den club nights during his past travels. Throughout the Name & Form EP, one hears the overlying theme of tape smashing against synthetic organs from a Roland keyboard, Garage music shuffles and found sounds archived from dusty old records.

Visions from his trip to Leeds in the 2010’s, when Northern Bassline and Organ House scenes were prominent, can be heard permeating throughout the listening experience while boundless sound forms wrestle with the finite space of a Teac X-10R Reel to Reel tape machine. Finally finished in late 2022, T. Nguyen takes these works and gives a non local response, recreating conversations between past destinations and triggering momentary concepts of existence in future listeners.

Artist Quote – „T. Nguyen’s follow up EP release and second for the year 2022, comes with a conversation between self seeking, identity and inner being. The outcome of the tracks showcases T. Nguyen’s process in manipulation of frequencies, analog tape, digital sounds and the finite change created the mediums. „