Artist: Crystal Geometry
Title: Promised Lands EP
Label: BPitch
Cat. No.: BPX023
Format: 12‘‘ / digital
Release Date: 10.02.23

After debuting on BPitch’s We Are Not Alone compilation, Frenchman Crystal Geometry arrives with his first full EP for the label. Showcasing his diversity across four distinct cuts, this is Crystal Geometry in playful and experimental mode, utilising his modular synth skills to bring us a powerful selection of tracks.

‘Everlasting Ghost of an Acid Trip’ is a self-explanatory cut that dives deep into themes around death and LSD. With lyrics inspired by the early Norwegian black metal scene, he goes all out with the 303 line and hardcore-inspired beats. ‘Alien Abduction’ was made especially for BPitch, the modular synth taking centre stage as 80s percussion and washed out vocals do the work.

‘Drink My Blood’ is one for the hardcore goths, allowing Crystal Geometry to express the depths of his dark soul. The lyrics say it all, „Drink, drink my blood! It’s dark, like my soul. Feed! Feed on me, don’t waste a drop of that gold“. Finally, ‘The Promised Land?’ addresses the dire situation in the Middle East, redefining the so-called Holy Land. The melancholy atmosphere is potent, reinforced by sombre choir vocals and the trusty 303.