Label Name: – Mavic Music

Release Date: – Tuesday, February 28 2023

Track Listing:

Dat Bass
Upside Down

Record Sounds Like: Blends between tech house and techno. Sounds like Solardo

Mavic Music is proud to present the latest release from Barbuto, „D.A.T.P.“ The three-track EP is set to drop on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, and showcases Barbuto’s unique blend of tech house and techno. Fans of Solardo will find much to enjoy in the EP’s hard-hitting beats and groovy basslines.

„D.A.T.P.“ serves as the lead single, and sets the tone for the EP with its driving beats and ravey synths. „Dat Bass“ brings a more playful energy to the table with nods to a harder sound, while „Upside Down“ delves deeper into the realm of dark techno. The EP as a whole showcases Barbuto’s versatility as a producer and ability to push boundaries.

As an artist with early roots in funky house but a passion for dark techno, Barbuto is dedicated to making records that express his true personality and not fitting into any trendy boxes. „D.A.T.P.“ is available soon and marks a new chapter in Barbuto’s music journey.

Artist Quote – „As an artist playing primarily in Australia with early roots as a funky house dj but a passion for dark techno I like to make records that expresses my true personality and not to fit inside any trendy boxes.“