Roe Deers’ debut full-length album “Salt Town Boy” filled with dusky moods and punk attitude was released last November on Good Skills and we probably all agree that it’s great. Unique storytelling vocal contributors from all over the world and six years of Deers’ work in the studio was mixed into unique left field collection. But enough of that. The time has come to do some proper dancing – Good Skills present to you the first remix EP for “Salt Town Boy”.

Curses chose to remix “Never ending”. When asked why his remix is called ‘Psycho’, Luca just smiled and answered “you know me”. Since there wasn’t enough noise for him, Curses made some more on his own. Expect it to be raw and loud.

BILD: Mantas Repecka

Princess of cosmos from South Korea, Shubostar delivered powerful 80s vibes on her version of “Late Night Story” originally recorded with Niv Ast. Her signature heavy snare drums and spacious synths creates some proper dance floor atmosphere.

Eden Burns went for “Trident (feat. C. A. R.) and turned the dubby original into an early morning dancefloor hit. Filled with smiles and positive vibes, his remix is perfect for sunrise in Nida. Best export from New Zealand since The Lord of the Rings.

DC Salas from Belgium reworked “Walking Down the Streets” (feat. Aquarius Heaven) into a pulsing and hypnotic offering for the dance floor. His high energy take brings some deep grooves and adds new dimensions to the song, so have a listen and enjoy.