Berlin’s trailblazing Disco-Funk-Riot ensemble, Wax Museum, is set to ignite the city’s music scene with an electrifying concert and the unveiling of an immersive 8 bit video game, „Waxology I: Return of the Disco Ball.“ Fresh from the success of their inaugural single, „People“ Wax Museum is elevating the concert experience by introducing an old school 8bit video game. „Waxology I: Return of the Disco Ball“ invites players to embark on a riveting quest to restore the iconic Disco Ball to its rightful home, promising a blend of excitement and fun. To amplify the excitement, Wax Museum has curated a stellar lineup featuring two powerhouse acts: Synth pop troubadour Stephen Paul Taylor and phantasy rave warrior AAAHHHNNNDDDIII. This unique collaboration ensures an unforgettable evening that seamlessly blends musical prowess with an immersive live experience.

The venue for this sensational event is none other than the iconic Kantine am Berghain. Known for its electric atmosphere, Kantine am
Berghain provides the perfect backdrop for Wax Museum’s unparalleled performance and the debut of „Waxology I: Return of the Disco Ball.“
„We are thrilled to present ‚Waxology I‘ as a convergence of music and interactive entertainment. This concert is not just a performance; it’s an
immersive journey that invites the audience to embark on the Wax Museum experience, combining the infectious energy of Disco-Funk-Riot
with a thrilling live performance.. We can’t wait to share this experience with our fans and the vibrant Berlin community,“ says Pierre Auradon,
founding member of Wax Museum.

Wax Museum is a Berlin-based Disco-Funk-Riot group celebrated for their dynamic performances and genre-defying sound. With the launch
of their new single and immersive old-school video game, Wax Museum mcontinues to redefine the boundaries of live entertainment.

Event Details

  • Date: 21.03.24
  • Venue: Kantine am Berghain
  • Time: 19:30