Kloster Graefenthal
Maasstrasse 50, 47574 Goch


Remember Woodstock Festival in 1969? A bunch of people in a park, good music, great vibe? All we want is to create that feeling. Capture that vibe and translate it to the 21st century. Have the weekend of your life with friends and strangers, dance, laugh and live!

A beautiful 12th century monastery, just a 1.5 hour drive from Amsterdam will act as venue. Green grass, blue water, the medieval building itself.. We’re telling you, it’s freakin’ picture perfect.

The ancient grounds will be divided into three areas and a camping area. The sleeping is up to you, but you can leave the music up to us.

Friday July 3rd until monday July 6th.
Kloster Graefenthal Goch, Germany
Pre-sale starts: 12.00h on Wednesday 28th of January

Festival + Camping: €67,50
Touringcar (roundtrip): €19,-
Parking: €10,-
Tickets here: https://tinyurl.com/okj2ewn

LINE UP All We Want Festival 2015:

Âme (DE)
Kink (BG)
Adriatique (CH)
Alle Farben (DE)
Sascha Braemer (DE)
Dirty Doering (DE)
Einmusik (DE)
Andre Lodemann (DE)
Locked Groove (BE)
Gabriel Ananda (DE)
Luna City Express (DE)
Stereo Express (DE)
Molly (FR)
Ici Sans Merci (NL)
Dario Zenker (DE)
Nico Stojan (DE)
Madmotormiquel (DE)
Ferro (NL)
Sascha Cawa (DE)
Prunk (NL)
William Koster (NL)
Daniel Zuur (NL)
Samuel Deep & Julian Alexander (NL)
Giorgia Angiuli (IT)
Elias Mazian (NL)
Kevin Duane (NL)
Kimou (NL)
NOD One’s Head (DE)
Piotr & Zhan (NL)
U Know The Drill (NL)
Normano (NL)
Aurelio Iuliano (NL)
Young Tiesto (NL)
C.M.A. (DE)
Daniel Spanjaard (NL)
Nike Air Jordi (NL)
Shrimp DJ (NL)
Strikkers (NL)
Kenny Mixe (NL)
Danny Disco (NL)

…..And more t.b.a :)

Deep House Amsterdam
Kallias vs Synesthesia Recordings
Lazy Sundays
New Dutch School
SlapFunk Records
Subcultuur (Nmgn)

▬▬ FAQ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
1. Are Campers allowed on the festival?
Unfortunately our event permit won’t allow us to accept motorized vehicles on the festival ground.

2. Is there electricity/water on the festival?
Yes, there is a place to charge you phone and there is water at the camping.

3. Is it allowed to bring own food and drinks to festival and camping?
No, it isn’t allowed to bring your own food and drinks.
The prices for food and drinks will be fair and quality is high. Also breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner will be provided. Healthy food and fruit are on the menu.
It’s allowed to bring food/drinks to your tent from the festival.

4. Is it allowed to go off the festival-terrain?
No, in=in and out=out.
Everything you need for 4 days is arranged.

5. Is it possible to pay with by card?
You can buy coins with you bankcard but paying cash will be faster.

6. Do we sell cigarettes?
No, so please bring your own cigarettes!

7. Are there lockers?
Yes, we have lockers on the festival which you can use all weekend