WAVE Micro Code 004 VS In The Face Berlin 002

Berlin Saturday 08/10
Start at 23:00
Burg Schnabel



I.nOmac( DA DA Revolution / Vaseline Factory)
Bertrand.(Clique- TLA)
Salvatore Foglia( Mongolfiere Libere )
Mike Tansella Jr( Vaseline Factory )
And More TBA




In The Face Berlin is coming back strong: After a very successful first test run a few months ago we are going all out -and all in with our first UK bookings!


As you might already know, it is our mission to fully establish the bass, bassline, ukg sound in Berlin, so watch this space: We will be posting promo mixes and various other little treats and teasers on the runup to the event to get you all proper bouncy and viiiibsin for that uk bass badnesss! We will also be running around Berlin with our sackbarrel sound system to really bring the bass to the people – so come party with us even before the event! We will announce on the wall when and where we make the rounds, so watch this space! Over the next few of weeks we will also announce a few ways to get on reduced lists, guestlists and so on, so watch this space! And now.. without further ado.. topped by some prime UK bookings… the lineup:

{Saucy, Tumble, Punks, In:Flux, Bear Fresh, Subotage, Meanbucket, Artifice}

„Not just a funny bloke with the neck of a pelican.” – Reigning from the West Midlands, this funky character has been tearing up the bass scene in the UK and worldwide: His productions are insane in the best possible way and see the light of day via the biggest channels the web and world have to offer. Part of the Saucy family amongst an arsenal of prestigious labels, he gets bookings all over the shop and his mixes and tunes get plays and pull-ups on all bass related radio stations. Really watch out for all originals, remixes, collabs, bootlegs, private videos and anything else this boeh’s been involved in – touch of gold. In The Face.

{In The Face, Tumble, Chip Butty, Sub.fm}

The co-boss of In The Face – Brighton’s foremost bassline and uk garage night – is coming down to the Berlin franchise to show us how it’s done! With releases on the biggest labels under his belt, he has been playing up and down the festival circuit as well as all over the UK. Also check out the In The Face show on sub.fm – celebrated every couple weeks and regularly blessed by the man Hadean himself, they shower down with a ruckus of dubs and spice it up with guest mixes from the freshest talent – so definitely worth checking that one out. In The Face.

{Tumble Audio – CEO}

The head of Tumble Audio .. TUMBLE AUDIO.. Yea he’s gonna be here and obviously gonna bring the fire.. Obviously. But besides running the very successful Tumble Audio club night in Nottingham – and off the back of it raising one of the absolute biggest labels on the scene, showcasing only the finest of talent – he is also the inventor of the big Roadman Joe compilation and… might still be known to some of you under his dubstep alias “Goli“, part of Goli and Ashburner (waaa) but shhhh – bassline now. In The Face.

{Northern Line, In The Face, 3000Bass, Serene City, Subotage}

For efficient use of time he eats mostly frozen pizzas to be able to produce more tunes for all you lot because thats what he is mostly doing at the moment: producing tunes for all you lot. So don’t be scared of the pasty lanky dude – he just loves ukg/bassline, honest people, and rockin a crowd. He will outchop anyone on a garage bump and chop and he’s bringin dubs for days, so: if you stay, we stay. In The Face Berlin.

{Berlin Massive, In The Face Berlin}

Berlin is Luc Masera… But Luc Masera is not Berlin! Luc is much more than that – Basslines are part of his daily diet, and when he’s not flinging faders in a field full of falafel-stands and firepoy festie fairies, he makes all sorts of bass music in the chamber and detonates coke bottles with a virgin’s breastmilk. In The Face.


This little whippersnapper has been impressing us lately with his variety of bass productions and tight mixes, so he’s gonna show us what the future of bass is holding. Also with a background in dubstep, he is converting to the truth of 2step, garage and bassline and literally is itching to show us all what he’s made of, so we’re all really looking forward to this one!!!