Founded in 1994 by the men behind Serotonin Records, Synapse returns with their latest release ‘Scientism EP.’

A musical musing on the current political climate, ‘Scientism EP’ is a dissonant collection of electronic funk from this New York-based duo.

Schismism starts off the EP with truncated electronic clips flitting over a dark bassline and punctuated by vocal samples, a perfect sonic representation of the discord which inspired the track.

Synapse Facts continues the thematic unrest with a sinister funk bassline which modulates up and down in half steps to add additional uncertainty. Mirroring the atonal melody of the opening track, Stealing Science creates an air of unease with its sweeping synth.

The insistent tones of Pluralism finish off the EP with a feeling of urgency amplified by the apprehensive melody.

Synapse captures the sound of societal discord in Scientism EP, out November 20th on Serotonin Records.