Detroit Artist Agency, a management organization built by the underground, for the underground, with the determined goal of inspiring the world with Detroit’s incredible talent, is proud to showcase, „This Is Detroit.“ A collection of premier heavy-hitters along with fresh new innovators on a compilation of 13 authentic, Detroit tracks on a single CD. Each artist stands alone, bringing a legitimate resume full of creative accomplishments and a music history not to be denied. Available in select shops worldwide, January 2018.

A rare collection of Detroit’s pure underground
Mike Agent X Clark is a legendary DJ/Producer; musician, globally known as the „Ambassador Of House Music.” He is the founder of international record label, Strictly Beatdown Recordings & clothing line, Strictly Beatdown Detroit. He entertains large audiences throughout Europe, Japan and the United States. Mike Agent X Clark, an original part of the turntablist movement in the 1980’s, is an educator, speaking on the origins of a music genre he helped shape.

DJ Cent got her first deejay setup in 1991, practicing for hours a day. In 1992 DJ Cent began performing at house music gatherings and playing live in the basement. In 1995, she obtained her first club residency. Dj Cent’s contagious vibe and passion for expertly playing House in all its forms (Deep, Vocal, Gospel, Tech House and Peak) with an infusion of Baltimore Club Music, has attracted people from around the world to hear her musical trademark.

J.Garcia started dj’ing hip-hop at house parties in the early 90’s and began working on production in 96. He found Techno and House music in 98 and his focus quickly shifted from his slowly dying fondness of Hip Hop to dance music. Jason has held many residencies, where he is known for a track selection spanning over the majority of sub genres under the house and techno umbrella, with a special fondness for the deeper side of things.

Sean Deason is part of the „third wave“ of Techno producers from Detroit. His career in electronic music has taken him to many parts of the world where his skills as a techno DJ are in very high demand. Deason’s DJ sets are known for variety and pleasant surprises as he takes audiences on an aural journey across genres as he makes musical connections across generations and decades of electronic music.

Derrick Thompson aka Drivetrain is founder of Soiree Records International, a label whose primary focus would be on deep, intelligent, late night, body music. Behind the decks, Thompson has electrified dance floors, clubs and festivals around the planet with his dynamic, energetic technique and track selection. He has validated himself globally as a musical powerhouse and continues the relentless endeavor of producing and presenting pure authentic music reflecting his roots.

Kero proudly claims over 30 releases on some of electronic music’s most celebrated and innovative labels such as Bpitch, Warp, Ghostly, Shitkatapult and Touchin‘ Bass as well as his own critically acclaimed Detroit Underground Records and Kerohand (with Kelli Hand), Kero has established a reputation for unrepentantly brash, yet cultivated compositions.

DJ Roach has always had an ear for music that was influenced by his father, a band musician. Roach began DJ’ing in the late 80’s with his brother and was inspired by Jeff Mills. Roach is an all vinyl DJ, playing primarily Detroit Techno tracks with sprinkles of electro, house, and acid to keep the crowd moving and wanting more. He is also founder of Detroit’s Tec-Troit Electronic Music Festival, a free event that features local talent. In 2013, DJ Roach launched his all vinyl label, Nuestro Futuro Records.

Gary Martin, owner of Teknotika Records since 1993, lives for the epic songs and memorable nights of house and techno. Last count he’s played in 17 countries in such famous venues such as Hart Plaza Movement Detroit’s main stage, Berghain and Tresor in Berlin, Liquid Room Tokyo, the Rex in Paris. Gary produces most of the music on his label and many tracks on other labels including KMS and Exceptional and a remix of the Gus Gus song, Barry.

Dwayne Jensen, has been referred to as a born entertainer. His unique blend of soulful grooves with filtered deep disco, combined with in-your-face over-powering tech house seasonings give his music a special blend that is his own. The Detroit native, is a self- taught jazz drummer and percussionist, producer and writer. Dwayne has been a DJ and Producer of funky house and early techno since its inception, influenced by the Electronic sound developed in Detroit, Chicago and New York.

Kris Wadsworth is a regular at the most famous nightclubs and discerning parties in the world. Names which include: Fabric, Rex, Arma 17, Panorama Bar, Tresor, Watergate, Sankeys, PAL, Space, just to name a few. A prolific producer with a vast catalogue of inimitable EP’s, as well as being one of the most sought-after remixers in the business. Kris runs two labels, URANUS and BREED, while occasionally contributing to other prominent labels.