3BYK stands for ’sound‘ in Cyrillic and gives birth to a mysterious collective sharing their vision about music and art under a common name.

On December 4th, the first release under the collective’s label will see the light: 3BYK #001 EP, a functional three tracker where artist’s and track’s name seem irrelevant to focus entirely on the sound.

The EP is a powerful work of strong and uncompromising techno. A1 opens the release with thick, complex beats rolling under a syncopated synth. The EP takes a turn for the melodic with B1 while keeping the energy high with intense bass. Finally, B2 finishes off the release with an offset drooping synth cascading over the erratic beat with juicy pitch bends.

3BYK #001 EP is a powerful first release for a promising collective and will be available as a Vinyl Only.